The Subaru brand understands that making the small things easier, like opening a garage door, can make a large impact on its passengers. These days, we are all about streamlining. Who needs the extra piece of equipment hanging from the visor or dangling on your keychain, when you can program your garage door opener directly from your Subaru? That’s why Subaru created HomeLink®.


HomeLink is an auto-dimming mirror that makes it easy to automate and replace handheld remotes for garage door openers, security gate operators and other radio frequency controlled devices in your vehicle. This in-vehicle application can be used to open and close your garage door with just a few easy steps in this tutorial. Additionally, it serves as a two-way communicator. Can’t remember if the garage door is open or shut? Simply press the first two buttons on the mirror and listen to the last known position of your garage door opener.

To program your universal garage door opener with a Subaru model, follow the video tutorial below to get you connected.

Sync your garage door and opener in a Subaru:

Enter pairing preset mode on the garage door opener buttons, located on the rear-view mirror of most Subaru models. Exit your vehicle and press “learn” on garage door unit. Return to your car, and press and hold the program button for the garage door opener inside the vehicle.


Check out the video for a more in-depth look at the process. For more how to videos on Subaru models, subscribe to our channel. To shop Subaru’s latest models or get a free quote, visit Bachman Subaru.
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