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Getting a used car may be the ideal compromise if you want to buy a great vehicle but don’t want to spend a fortune. One big issue with pre-owned vehicles is that you don’t know their history. However, buying one from a certified dealership like Bachman Subaru means you get a thoroughly inspected car at a fraction of its original price. And our dealership has a wide variety of models to choose from.

Why Buy From a Dealership?

Although buying a used car from a private seller may seem easier and less expensive, there’s more to a car’s price than its initial cost. Buying a used vehicle from a certified dealership can come with many benefits. Here are some reasons why a certified dealership like ours is the way to go:

You’ll Be Getting the Vehicle’s Full History

When you buy a car from a private individual, you don’t have any way of knowing its history and condition. Sure, they’ll probably tell you how careful they were with it and even have receipts from various repair and maintenance jobs they’ve done throughout the years. Still, you can never know what they may be hiding. Dealerships not only exclusively sell cars with fully reported histories. They also have certified technicians that check every aspect of each vehicle to ensure it’s as good as new.

The Dealership’s Reputation Is at Stake

A private seller’s only goal is to sell their vehicle now. A dealership, however, wants to sell cars in the future as well. As with any enterprise, working to build a positive reputation is essential for long-term success, so dealerships want to sell you high-quality vehicles so that you recommend them to others. This reputational incentive guarantees that most dealerships will go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

You Have Finance Professionals Helping You Get a Good Deal

Unlike when buying a used car on the open market, you don’t have to pay its total price in cash in advance. Dealerships like ours allow clients to finance purchases via a bank or directly through us. A team of finance professionals will work with you to analyze your financial situation and develop a viable plan for your purchase, even if you’re having issues with your credit score.

You Can Trade In Your Old Vehicle to Finance Your New One

If you already have a car and want to replace it with a pre-owned one from a dealership, you can save a lot of time by trading it in. This means that the dealership will analyze your current car, establish a fair market price, and offer to buy it from you if you purchase another one from them. You could do this yourself by putting your current car on the open market, but it will likely take a while; it involves meeting with various individuals, and you’ll be without a car until you buy a new one.

You Can Check Out Multiple Vehicles in One Visit

Although the open car market has a wide variety of vehicles you can choose from, you’ll only be able to see one at a time. And checking out many different cars at multiple locations is very time-consuming. Dealerships, however, give you an extensive choice of budget-friendly cars, all in one place. You can test numerous vehicles before deciding which is most appropriate for your needs and preferences.

General Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle

When deciding between new versus used, the former’s advantages are obvious. Many perks come with buying a pre-owned vehicle, and it’s a more appropriate choice in many situations. Some benefits of purchasing a used vehicle are:

  • It’s probably a lot cheaper. Price is the main reason people may choose to buy a used vehicle over a new one. Since cars lose an estimated 20% of their value with each passing year, you can get one in great shape that’s only a few years old for a fraction of its original price.
  • You can get a better-equipped car. If you’ve decided on a specific vehicle you’d like to buy, you’re likely to get more features than you would if you bought it new. Amenities like infotainment and safety features are very useful to have and don’t influence the price of a used vehicle the same way they do for a new one.
  • You can sell it later without losing too much money. As mentioned earlier, new cars drastically lose value in their first years on the road. The good news is that this depreciation tends to slow down after a few years, so if you eventually decide to sell your pre-owned vehicle, you’re likely to get a good price for it.
  • It’s better for the environment. The vast majority of a vehicle’s environmental damage isn’t done by driving it but by manufacturing it in the first place. Buying a used car means that the damage has already been done, so driving pre-owned vehicles is actually good for the environment.

Buy a Used Vehicle Under $10K at Bachman Subaru

If you’ve decided to save money by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, our Subaru dealership is a great place to find used cars in excellent condition. As a Subaru dealer, not only do we have the most extensive used car inventory in Louisville but being part of the Bachman family of dealerships means we can provide our customers with access to even more options. Our consultants will work with you and make vehicle recommendations based on your needs, desires, and budget. Getting a used car from us can save you money and give you the peace of mind that comes from trusting your vehicle’s quality.

When deciding between buying a new or a pre-owned vehicle, getting a used one from a dealership is often the ideal solution. You’ll get a thoroughly inspected car that has passed several quality tests for a fraction of its original price. Come check out our used car inventory at Bachman Subaru.

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