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Your Subaru vehicle is built to last, providing you with the versatility, safety features, and capability to have more fun on and off the roads around Louisville. The best way to ensure that you enjoy your vehicle at the highest level long into the future is through routine maintenance by Subaru specialists.

As a Subaru dealer, we're proud to offer routine maintenance and hands-on repairs of all Subaru models, regardless of model year or condition. Our Subaru technicians are certified and have logged countless hours working on vehicles just like yours, so you can come to us with confidence knowing that any issue is going to be diagnosed and corrected. At our service center, we also use genuine Subaru parts that were designed for your vehicle, allowing us to get it back to you in like new condition again in the quickest and most convenient manner possible.

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Whether it's time for your next routine maintenance reservation or something isn't performing correctly on your vehicle, we welcome you to come see us at our Subaru dealership. Our Subaru technicians have the expertise, tools, and genuine Subaru parts to address any issue and get it fixed quickly and correctly every time. Whether you're in need of an oil change, tire rotation, brakes serviced, or your check engine light is on, our Subaru dealership can get it all taken care of for you and have you back on the roads around Louisville with your Subaru performing at the highest level again in no time.

What Kind of Subaru Service and Repairs Do We Offer?

In short, we offer all types of service, maintenance and repairs. We're dedicated to addressing any issue and a fast manner to help you get back on the road without skipping a beat. Some of our common service reservations concern issues like:

Additional Benefits of Car Service with Bachman Subaru in Louisville

Beyond the quality of service and qualified Subaru technicians, there are many other advantages to servicing your car at Bachman Subaru including the following services and amenities:

  • Rentals available on site from Enterprise
  • Complimentary valet to and from anywhere in Jefferson County
  • Waiting Area with TV and coffee
  • Free WiFi and Work Stations

Subaru vehicles are among the most reliable on the road. They're built with the capability and versatility you need to enjoy driving around Louisville, Kentucky. With regular maintenance, your Subaru can go over 100,000 miles without major repairs. At Bachman Subaru, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with professional Subaru maintenance service, convenient amenities, and genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Our service center gives you access to the latest specialized technology and precise analysis from professional technicians. We also offer exclusive Louisville Subaru maintenance to help you save on all your Subaru models, meaning you can save every time you bring your vehicle to our Subaru service center.

Your Louisville Subaru Service Center

At Bachman Subaru, we offer hands-on repairs and routine maintenance on all Subaru models regardless of the year or condition. Our certified technicians work closely with you to ensure you get high-quality services. If you need any part replaced, we use genuine Subaru parts designed for your vehicle, giving your vehicle a new life once more.

Whether you need general repair or preventive maintenance or want to perform a quick oil change, the team at Bachman Subaru is always ready to help keep your Subaru in tip-top condition. If you have a new or used Subaru and want to ensure it's operating at its best, consider scheduling your regular maintenance checks at Bachman Subaru.

You can trust that we’ll take care of your vehicle and ensure it’s back on the road in no time. 

Express Service Center

At Bachman Subaru, we understand that waiting in a lobby to have your Subaru maintenance done is not fun. That's why we have the Subaru Express Service. Our express service allows you to stop anytime for an oil change, tire rotation, or any other minor maintenance service without scheduling ahead of time.

Our express services are carefully selected to ensure we deliver high-quality services. Our dedicated team of factory-trained technicians will take your car and perform the required maintenance in no time, ensuring you don't spend more time than required at our dealership.

We take care of minor maintenance services, including service intervals in your Subaru's Warranty and Maintenance Booklet. Our express services include:

  • Battery service and replacement.

  • Engine filter replacement.

  • Tire pressure adjustment.

  • Battery health test.

  • Cabin air filter replacement.

  • Tire tread condition and depth check.

  • Fluid top-offs.

  • Wiper blade replacement.

Bachman Subaru also offers a multi-point inspection form that your express service representative can review with you after completing the service. This form informs you how your Subaru and its key components are performing after your visit to our service center.

Putting Safety First

As a Subaru owner, we know you do your best to ensure your vehicle is in good condition every time. However, you may be unable to avoid some situations like bad weather. The team at Bachman Subaru helps you stay safe by ensuring you're driving safely and confidently every time. In addition to complex repairs, we perform all forms of maintenance to prepare your Subaru for various conditions and seasons.

You don't have to worry about getting stuck on icy roads or corrosion issues, as our team will prepare your vehicle for warm, moderate, and cold weather. For the warm climate, we:

  • Inspect the tire condition, pressure, and depth.

  • Maintain the air conditioner system.

  • Check oil and fluid levels.

  • Check exterior lights and wipers.

  • Test the battery.

The colder weather calls for more comprehensive maintenance. That means performing routine maintenance and checking the defroster and heating system. We also recommend switching to winter tires that offer more grip and changing the windshield wipers if they show signs of wear.

Benefits of a Dealership Service Center

When your Subaru needs repairs, you want to get the job done by the most experienced technicians at an affordable price. Whether you bought your Subaru from our dealership or not, we are here to offer the best combination of customer experience and expertise. Here are the benefits of servicing your vehicle at our dealership.

Authentic Subaru Parts

Repairs done at our dealerships are done with OEM parts, which means that quality and engineering have been approved by the manufacturer. The dealer replaces the old part with the same part from the manufacturer, which has a longer lifespan, fits well, and meets the standard required by the manufacturer.

Expertise and Technical Training

As new vehicles roll in, mechanics at the dealership receive factory training to stay updated with new technologies. New vehicles come with lots of techs that may require proper training to handle. Ongoing training ensures all technicians are up to date with the latest procedures.


Dealerships are all about making your driving experience much better. That's why we go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service and other perks that allow you to purchase and service your vehicle without issues.

Customer Experience

When you buy a Subaru at our dealership, you automatically become part of our family. You can enjoy many benefits, including after-sales services, expert advice on caring for the vehicle, and discounted prices on parts and services. Similarly, when you visit us for service or parts, we ensure you get top-of-the-line service and stay in touch with you in case you need additional help.

Up-To-Date Recall Information

Manufacturers alert dealerships about recalls and authorize the correction of affected vehicles. When you take your Subaru in for service, we’ll check and correct the issue as indicated in the recall without charging you. However, if you change your email and no longer visit the dealership, you may miss out on this recall and spend money fixing the issue.

Visit Bachman Subaru for Subaru Service Today

We know how important your vehicle is to you, which is why we're dedicated to making any service reservation at our Subaru dealership the quickest and most convenient possible. We welcome you to either schedule your next reservation online using our service scheduler tool, calling us at 502-719-7226, or come see us at our service center and we'll get all issues taken care of before you know it!

Feel free to check out our blog too, where we have posts answering common Subaru questions like how to program the garage door opener, set up Bluetooth, what sets a Subaru engine apart, and more!

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